A Diet plan followed by Jungkook will get you insane

BTS Jungkook’s Diet And Meal Plan REVEALED

K-Pop artists are prevalent and known for their perfect looks and body figure. They have to be thinner and look like dolls. And so to keep up with these expectations, they sometimes have to go through harsh diets that a few times is also dangerous. They are expected to keep up with the doll-like looks that the whole world is in awe of. So here is how BTS singer Jungkook worked his way to maintain himself.

BTS Jungkook's Diet And Meal Plan REVEALED

Jungkook has the most different body type than the other members. And so he works out heavily, and his abs are eye candy for everyone. Ryan Reynolds also shared Jungkook’s rigid daily routine that he does to keep himself in shape. That is when Jungkook caught the attention of everyone. Ryan Reynolds was in awe of his workout routine.

BTS Jungkook's Diet And Meal Plan REVEALED 1

Jungkook, like other BTS members, was harsh when it came to dieting. He ate just one meal of food. Donuts and Topokki are his two favorite dishes, but he used to smell them and close the lid without eating. He is extremely self-conscious of his body and so doesn’t like even an extra ounce of fat if any builds up. Self-control and the insistence to lose weight are what, according to Jungkook, are necessary.

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