Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez’ new songs are out. Which is the music video that is gaining popularity?

Dua Lipa Vs Selena Gomez: Check Out Whose Music Video Has Been Gaining Popularity

Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez are amazing singers, with great vocal quality. Their contribution to music has been huge and they have gotten glory for their songs.

The two of them have recently come up with albums that have gained huge popularity in quick time!!

We might be at home, away from our nightclub ambience over the weekend!! But the recent Dua Lipa song gives us the ambience of being in a nightclub, isn’t it? Club Feature Nostalgia remix album that came up on 28 August, has been gaining momentum in the last few days. It has 17 tracks starting from Levitating, Kiss and Makeup, remix with Blackpink etc.

What to say about Selena Gomez’ hugely popular song Ice Cream that is making waves at the moment!! With collaboration with Blackpink, Selena has unveiled the song. The songs are really spunky and cool leaving us to hear it again and again!!

Here are the songs:

Now, which is the music video that is gaining popularity?

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