This might seem absurd but think about it. Who would act better if there was ever a role offered to one of these two? Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam

If ever offered a role who would act better? Atif Aslam or Arijit Singh

We all are well aware and know Arijit Singh is the currently best singer in Bollywood. There is an Arijit Singh song to every mood that swings by. Topping the charts, every second song has to be his song. He has monopolized the music industry and why not? With an amazing voice like his, who wouldn’t rule? Now coming to the acting part, what do you think? Will Arijit Singh be able to mark the standards or will he disappoint his fans? Would he make a great actor?

Oh boy, Atif Aslam has our hearts locked up with his beautiful voice. He is one of the top successful singers to date. The guy knows pretty well just right how to set the temperature high with his romantic voice. Having become more of an addiction, when we listen to his voice. He is a globally acclaimed singer. Will Atif Aslam be able to scorn your acting expectations? Would he be a good actor if he were ever to work for it?

Tell us who would be the best actor and will not let your expectations down when it comes to acting? Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam.

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