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Dance on your love with these Jubin Nautiyal's songs

Jubin Nautiyal’s Songs For Every LOVER!

Jubin Nautiyal, a well-established singer in Dehradun’s valleys, came to Mumbai to try his luck in 2007. When AR Rahman advised him to get more polished, he moved back to his hometown. In 2011, he participated in X-Factor and was amongst the top 25 contestants. In 2014 came a significant hit by Jubin Nautiyal that made him instantly famous with the song Ek Mulakaat from Sonali Cable.

A well-trained singer in Classical singing, Hindustani classical music, light classical, western music, and more, there is no wonder how well-groomed and polished Jubin Nautiyal is. He has worked for several films giving some of the best chartbusters that are very impressive. He is favorably compared to have a vocal range and singing style similar to that of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh.

Love can be in many forms, and the expression of love could take innumerable ways. But the best way to express your love is through music. It is said music is the window to the soul. And so when you dedicate the right song, it will speak thousands of unspeakable words. No matter how old your love is, it could be a few months young, couple of years old, or more. But everyone needs to keep showing that they care and love once in a while. And therefore, why not do it with music?

Express your love to one another through these memorable Jubin Nautiyal’s songs that are perfect.

Tum Hi Aana

Bawra Maan

Tum Mere Ho

Kaabil Hoon

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