Jubin Nautiyal will make your date a perfect one with these love-filled songs

These Jubin Nautiyal’s Songs Are Perfect For A Romantic Date!

Jubin Nautiyal has delivered several hits since the start of his career. He has achieved scaling heights of success within a limited time of his debut, all because of his soulful voice. He has grown to be a prominent artist in the Bollywood industry from singing for advertisements and television serials. And it is his hard work and determination that has brought him this scaling height of success.

Jubin Nautiyal was born in Dehradun and has been attracted to music since his childhood days. He established himself as a singer in Dehradun and then moved to Mumbai to make a Bollywood career. Currently, he is a very well known and famous singer in the music industry. Known for his overly romantic voice, he sets the perfect love mood.

If you are on a date, then music is a vital part that must be included. As a date could turn into a lot of stressful, awkward, and more, the perfect way to break the awkward silence is through music. It would not just lighten the mood but also help in giving a nudge and starting a conversation. And so here is a playlist by Jubin Nautiyal that has love-filled romantic tunes to turn your awkward date into fun times.

Kinna Sona

Meri Aashiqui

Boond Boond

Kaabil Hoon

Dhal Jaun Main

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