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This is how Jubin Nautiyal is making rounds of the internet with his infamous songs in 2020

Jubin Nautiyal’s Songs That Will Make You Cry in 2020

Jubin Nautiyal, the rising star of the Bollywood music industry, is already set to take the charts. He has given us numerous mind-blowing songs to listen to and have a great time. He has sung songs in multiple languages, from which many have become the greatest hits of all time.

Of all the tracks that Jubin Nautiyal has given us and made our playlist seem more heavenly, we would never get enough from his heartbreak or sad tracks. The way he sings each and every word of the track hits straight in the core. It is very difficult for one to listen to him sing and not cry. His songs are powerfully emotional that would get anyone to break into tears.

Jubin Nautiyal has sung many songs that were topping the charts. His renditions have always managed to hit the audience in their softest spot. And so these songs will not only make you feel 2020 more relatable but also get you teary-eyed.

Ek Mulaqat

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

Labon Se

Kaabil Hoon

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