Check out BTS songs which have more than 100 million views on YouTube

Jungkook Songs That Have More Than 100 Million Views On Youtube

When it comes to the world of K-pop music, the BTS boy band group led by their poster boy Jeon Jungkook is certainly one of the biggest in the K-Pop arena. K-pop as a musical genre was always popular in South Korea ever since the 1980s but it was only after 2017 did they get their share of worldwide fame and popularity. All thanks to platforms like YouTube which has got global content at everyone’s home. Their talent of music and dance got recognized and even global music sensations like Justin Bieber were quoted as saying that he’s a huge admirer of Jeon Jungkook and BTS Army.

The BTS group enjoys a humongous presence on social media and some of their content has even touched the milestone of 100M views. So today, we show you 2 very famous BTS army songs that have earned more than 100M views on YouTube.

Bangtan Bomb

I’d do it all

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