Jungkook and his unknown secret came to the fore like this. Read here.

Jungkook And His Unknown Secret

Jungkook the BTS boy is magical and plays an important role in the success story of BTS his band. He is a lead band boy for this troupe and is a big name in the world of K-Pop.

Jungkook has this habit of lifting his shirt and this happened during the performance for Fake Love when he showed his abs to the public. This was a moment to cherish for all this fans, as they got to see his flat and fab abdomen.

After this, his fans wanted to know the secret to his perfect abdomen, and Jungkook had revealed that it is the result of the elevation of his legs that makes his abdomen tense and rigid.

Wow this secret was brought to the fore by Jungkook himself.

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