The singing legend of Bollywood, Kishore Kumar has showcased his talent in singing and acting. Here are his hit Marathi songs that are still remembered

Kishore Kumar Marathi Hit Songs

The versatile actor-singer has charmed the Hindi Music as well as few of the regional circuits as well. He was a multilingual as well as multitalented singer good at multitasking, both singing and acting at the same time making people laugh their guts out with his comedy. He was a jester in disguise with a comedy class of his own.

Kishore Kumar made a good contribution to the Marathi cinema. Also his fourth wife Leena Chandavarkar was a Maharashtrian. He sang in many Indian languages including Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bhojpuri and many others.

Here are his iconic Marathi songs that will be remembered for decades to come. Despite being an unschooled singer he was amazingly good at everything he did. Listen to these songs and you will know.

Tujhi Majhi Jodi Jamlee

Ashvini Ye Na

Gora Gora Mukhada

Though he didn’t sing many songs in Marathi, these three songs are remembered to date and will always be evergreen for years.

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