The one voice that is and always has been timeless masterwork is that of Kishore Kumar. He is one rare gem that Bollywood laid their hands on and will hopefully never find such a great replacement. He was a maverick genius whose energy would send one into euphoria, and songs were filled with pathos and yodeling.

Kishore Kumar was influenced by KL Saigal as well as Ahmed Rushdi and developed the style of singing according to them. But later, it was SD Burman who told him to build a form for himself and he took up yodeling inspired by American singers and Australian country music. He knew how to breathe madness into the song giving it a soul and life. He was a crazy but sheer genius.

Because he was self-taught and not trained, it might have been holding him back from singing, but on the contrary, it worked as a brownie point for him because classical songs did not restrain his voice from changing and going in-depth with his exceptional voice.

A voice that changed how music used to be in the industry. There started more variety, and the music industry began experimenting. The song was not just restricted to music and dance, but it also went to dance-acting-comedy. Kishore Kumar’s voice became an anthem, no wonder why he was one in a million precious gems of the industry.