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The man with many faces, Kishore Kumar was incredible when it came to singing and there was no match for him. Here are a few of his songs for every heartbroken lover

Kishore Kumar’s songs you can listen and enjoy even if you are not heartbroken

It is difficult to fit a Kishore Kumar song into a specific genre. His voice has so much of emotions embedded in it that is was difficult to locate a particular song into one specific type.

Kishore Kumar has given us numerable evergreen hits and they are something to hold on to. Each of his songs is spectacular and special and truly would never go out of fashion.

Singing a romantic song, heartbreak song, or be it singing in the male and female voice you name it and Kishore Kumar has done it all. His songs were genuine and each coming from his heart. Kishore Kumar knew perfectly well how to set the mood and keep challenging himself with something new.

Kishore Kumar sang a few to dedicated heartbroken lovers. Here are a few of his amazing voice that will make you cry or move on with life.

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara

O Saathi Re

Ghunghroo Ki Tarah Bajta Hi Raha

Zindagi Ka Safar

Jane Kya Sochkar

We know we have missed on many gems. Tell us your favorite Kishore da song that helped you mend your broken heart.

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