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Arijit Singh surely has us all captivated with his voice. Here are some of the greatest tracks by him

List of all Greatest Songs of Arijit Singh

Whenever someone asks who is the best and greatest singer we all have presently and there comes the name without any hesitation and it is Arijit Singh. The guy knows how to make people stop whatever they are doing and just listen to his soulful voice. A voice that on a summer afternoon one sits eyes closed in the balcony and just enjoys the soothing beats. His voice has a calming effect on people as well as his party songs can pop the crazy party all-nighter out of you as well.

Arijit Singh has always been one of the singers who has found a way into the hearts of people with his amazing heavenly voice. He is the one we all love to hear because of the way we could relate to each of the tracks. Here are a few of the songs that have proved him to be the greatest singer we have in the industry



Aye Dekhe Jaa

Mere Parwardigar


Khulne Do

And now tell me you don’t think the same about Arijit Singh? Isn’t he the best we have got?

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