Listen to these tracks by Arijit Singh before you go back to your classical favorites

Listen To These Arijit Singh’s Songs Before We Move On To Old Romantic Songs

Old Classical tracks have always been close to our hearts. We all believe them to have the perfect melody and originality in it. We all love the then singers like Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, and others. But listen to a few tracks by Arijit Singh and then decide if you wish to go back to your old ones.

Why not give today’s contemporary artists a chance? They have never let us down and has provided some excellent records to fall in love with. For example, Arijit Singh has a special place and touch to his voice that delivers heart-melting music. His voice can fit into every mood and vibe you feel like.

Arijit Singh made a spot for himself in the industry through a reality show. He has sung some great tracks and is known to be the king of heartbreak tracks. His voice is like chocolate loved by everyone. He did a fantastic job of getting to the masses with his great tracks. So if you think that today’s singers lack creativity or the voice earlier singers had, listen to these Arijit Singh’s songs that might prove you wrong.

Here are some incredible Arijit Singh’s tracks that one must listen to before moving into old classical ones.

Koi Dua Karo Mere Liye


Chhod Diya

Enna Sona


Subah Subha

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