Why do people consider Kishore Kumar to be a legend? Read to know why

What Makes Kishore Kumar A Good Singer?

Kishore Kumar was a precious gem of the music industry. He gave thousands of songs to remember that is epic. Be it a love song or sad heartbreak one, he sang every track skillfully. The best talent he possessed when singing was the way he was good at yodelling. Also, he was terrific at juggling emotions.

The man is considered to be a legend today because of his numerous hits. Kishore Kumar made his songs special by experiencing all the things and then singing it. This gave the tracks life of its own. Zindagi Ek Safar taught us the merry journey of life but sometimes life can be unpredictable.

Kishore Kumar did not have an enjoyable life, but he always was happy and cheerful. And the same emotions he brought down in his tracks making then merry. He could make one cry as well as make up the gloomy mood with his spectacular trails.

There are a few things that add up making Kishore Kumar a great singer. Yodeling, can transfer emotions and make people relate, making every song feel lively. Indeed, Kishore Kumar was one of a kind singer.

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