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Kishore Kumar was one of a kind and there will never be a replacement for him ever

What makes Kishore Kumar a legendary musician? Let’s find out

Already iconic figure Kishore Kumar, there is so much spoken yet few things better kept as it is. Sometimes it has to be felt by one and not heard from others. That is how it is when we talk about Kishore Kumar. One will tell you hundreds of tales as to why he is a legend and beyond. But when you hear him singing you will believe it yourself why many say so.

There is no wonder as to how the guy, who began singing during 1946, has till today has a hold over us and continues to be the most favorite among us. Kishore Kumar began his career without any formal training in music. He was an actor but was fond of singing and so when he started singing he had thousands of people under his magical spell. From Mere Sapnon Ki Raani to Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, there are many more are evergreen songs of Kishore da.

Kishore Kumar was something else, he has a voice for every mood and has true emotions in his voice. Though he was unschooled in classical music he had the magic to create colorful music, and always had a sense of modernity to his voice.

With an amazing voice like that Kishore Kumar had it in him to be a legendary singer of the Bollywood music industry of all time. Don’t you agree on the same?

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