The beauty of Neeti Mohan and her top tracks makes her the dream lady of every man

Here Is Why Neeti Mohan Is Every Man’s Dream Girl!

Neeti Mohan is the most prominent Hindi singer. She has also sung in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and many other languages. She has been bestowed with several awards and got all the media attention for Ishq Wala Love from 2012 movie Student Of The Year. She also won an award for the track. She has recorded several songs for numerous movies. She is the dream girl of every man for her beautiful looks and stunning voice.

Neeti Mohan is majorly known and prominent for her soft romantic ballads. But also her high tempo songs for a few films have made up the charts. Her voice makes every track she sings more refreshing and vibrant. She is a very versatile singer with no competition with other artists. She is the one!

Neeti Mohan is very hardworking and always does her best to deliver the right track with proper emotions. She has softness and husky to her voice, so she leaves the audience mesmerized by her.

Are you a Neeti Mohan fan? Tell us your favorite songs by the singer.

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