Whose track would you love to get on the beat and shake it up? Neha Kakkar, Neha Bhasin or Neeti Mohan

Neha Kakkar vs Neha Bhasin vs Neeti Mohan: Whose Songs Do You Love To Groove To?

From a small-town girl to a massive star in the industry, Neha Kakkar has gained huge success. Her songs are ruling the charts and are perfect for every shakey-wakey you would want to have. Her songs like Sunny Sunny, London Thumakda, Garmi, and many more are complete for any fun time you wish to have.

Neha Bhasin is the new hit machine of the music industry presently. She is ruling the music charts with her perfect voice. She has given us great pleasure songs that are hard to miss. A few notable mentions include tracks like Dhunki, Swag Se Swat, Om Shanti Om and many notable records sung by her that will no wonder make you do the Cha Cha Cha.

If you are in hunt of the ultimate Bollywood playlist, then Neeti Mohan has some masala songs. From romantic to the party, she has had her share. She is known majorly for her romantic songs, but she is a rockstar. She can rock any genre, and these are the top hits sung by Neeti Mohan that would get everyone on the dancefloor. Tune Maari Entriya, Bad Boy, First Class, Aithey Aa, well aren’t you dancing already?

Which is your favorite singer who gets you moving on the floor? Neha Kakkar or Neha Bhasin or Neeti Mohan. Vote Now.

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