Rap music is slowly and steadily growing and becoming a new trend in the Bollywood music industry

Is Rap The New Trend In Bollywood Music?

:Rap started as a protest in Africa. They used it as an expression of discontent. But slowly and gradually, it turned into an art form and entered the music industry. But earlier it was just black people who rapped, but it rose to more prominence with Eminem and later during the 1990s, India jumped on to the bandwagon. But it did not gain popularity until recent times with the rise of pop stars like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, and many others.

Today there has been a massive success because of social media and new rappers are emerging. Rapping is no longer considered to be underground. Many blooming stars like Emiway Bantai, Divine, and many others are self-made rappers who gained popularity through YouTube. There was also a movie Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh released in the year 2019. The film depicted the life of a slum boy who aspired to be a prominent rapper.

There is no harm in saying Bollywood has been evolving and now adopting rap as the new genre of music for their music. The majority of the party songs in films used to be Punjabi, but currently, there have been a few raps included as well. Several talent shows are hosted to find the new rapping voice for the industry as well.

Hence, we can conclude that Rap is the newfound trend that Bollywood will soon evolve and become involved in their films.

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