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We all are well aware that Kishore Kumar was a multi-talented individual and he had our hearts

READ DETAILS! Kishore Kumar was also a Mimicrist

Kishore Kumar was a man with innumerable abilities Kishore Kumar was different from the others. He was a singing wizard of the 70s. He was an actor who did both singing as well as acting for his films. Being untrained was his flaw in music but he never actually showcased the fact that he was indeed unschooled. If you ever listen to his songs, you would not believe in the fact that he had no formal training in classical music.

During the 70s, his songs Mere Sapnon Ki Raani and Roop Tera Mastana for Aradhana were a huge success for both Kishore Kumar as well as Rajesh Khanna. And that is when the whole limelight shifted from Mohammed Rafi to Kishore Da.

Kishore Kumar took song-dance-comedy to the stage that was the start of modern India. He was a great entertainer. His journey was a paradox both masked by tragedy and comedy.

Kishore Kumar was not just a skilled actor but was also a spectacular experienced imitator, interpreter, and innovator. If you ever saw him mimic, you would know how astonishing he was.

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