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If you ever doubt why there will never be a replacement for Kishore Kumar. Here is proof

These Songs Prove Why There Will Be No Replacement Ever For Kishore Kumar

The greatest singer in the music industry who brought song-dance-comedy is Kishore Kumar. He is one of a kind gem that was blessed in Bollywood. His voice is well suited to any emotion you could put it with as well as the fun and jolly mood that Kishore Kumar always had put more joy in the songs.

Here are some of the popular gems that would never be replaced as well as proof as to no matter how many fantastic artists turn up. There would be no other Kishore Kumar.

Rafta Rafta and Dekha Na Hai Socha Na, the energy in these songs are astronomical. Not just would it get everyone jumping and dancing but also a great melody to have fun with.

Chu Kar Mere Maan Ko as well as Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, there are many others, but these two do the talking for all other romance vocals sung by Kishore da.

Mere Sapnon Ki Raani is one of the songs you can relate to waiting for your crush or ‘the one’ you think probably might have gotten hit by a truck.

Main Hoon Don and Dil Kya Kare are two iconic tracks caught in the trend of songs being remade. But these remade versions will answer your doubts about why Kishore Kumar’s voice could never be replaced.

Given above are a few of many other examples of why Kishore Kumar is the only one and the one who could never be replaced. His voice held the quality and emotions that no other artist can ever create.

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