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These Jungkook Covers Are Certain To Melt Your Heart, Check This Out

Jungkook took a break to whip up the ARMY into a frenzy. Following the introduction of BTS’ global Connect BTS project, Kookie took over the Reverse platform for a funny interaction in which she sought recommendations for a song to cover. Before hinting that he was in the mood to cover a song, Jungkook and V conducted a humorous chat on the social media site.

Jungkook released the cover of Perhaps That Was Love shortly after the incident. For those curious, the song is Choi Yong Joon’s Perhaps That Was Love, also known as Probably That Is, a legendary Korean ballad.

In 1989, the song was released. The singer surprised fans by releasing the song via BTS’ Twitter account rather than the Reverse. The song was dedicated to his father, who is his biggest fan.

“A song that my father likes,” Jungkook remarked as he revealed his song choice and eventually posted it. He also stated that he had just finished covering it and will be posting it soon. The song was released in the early hours of January 15 in South Korea, and it made the ARMY cry.

BTs Junkook Songs Compilation:

  • My Time
  • Euphoria
  • Waste It On Me
  • 2U
  • Paper Hearts
  • Nothing Like Us
  • Purpose
  • Lost Stars
  • Fools
  • On Holy Night
  • All Of My Life
  • Only Then
  • Rainism
  • We Don’t Talk Anymore
  • Marry Me
  • See You Again
  • Half Moon
  • Breathe
  • Contrail
  • Christmas day

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