Kishore Kumar was one singer of whom we can’t get enough. His songs were like candy

The Top 5 Kishore Kumar’s Songs of All Time

We all have adored and loved whenever his songs came up and he would be no other than Kishore Kumar. The guy we all admire and wish could have been still alive so that we could have enjoyed more amazing tracks. He not just sang the songs but made us all experience each emotion that he put into it.

Kishore Kumar has given us hundreds and thousands of tracks to keep listening to. And each of his songs gives us the same old feeling as if it’s new. He was and still is the most sought singer and to date, no one has been able to imitate such a soulful voice and keep the same vibe alive.

Here are fantastic five tracks by Kishore Kumar that we all would cherish for years to come

Raju Chal Raju

Koi Roko Na

Tera Mujhse

Wada Karo

Dil Kya Kare

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