With these Arijit Singh's songs, he will make you sad and emotional the same time

The Top 6 Arijit Singh’s Hindi Sad Songs Of All Time

Music has the power to evoke a range of emotions within oneself. Love, anger, happiness, comfort, sadness, and many more. Music is the best escort for every mood we experience up and down the hill. So if you are looking for some sad tracks, you are in the right place.

We listen to sad songs not to feel more depressed, but there lies an irony to every tragic track. Whenever we are feeling lousy and sad, we turn up the tragic records high because they give us a comforting feeling and sometimes even end up cheering us. It might give you the feel of not being the only one or whatever rocket science it might hold. Sad songs will indeed do the opposite of what you are feeling. It would instantly light up your mood and make you smile.

Who else could be the best artist other than Arijit Singh who can make you feel like he understands your pain and his voice singing the song will make you feel like he has been through all the bad times? His songs are magic and will always be. No wonder he is claimed to be the king of heartbreak sad tracks.

Here are spectacular six songs that are sung by Arijit Singh, which you can relate to, and don’t forget to share the list.

Laal Ishq

Dhokha Dhadi

Tera Chehra



Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui

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