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Smiling is a free therapy so just smile listening to these great Kishore Kumar's tracks

Top Kishore Kumar’s Happy Songs That Will Make You Smile

A small smile can change the world, and so it is important to keep smiling. It can not only spread inner positivity but also outside. Because as Mother Teresa said, peace always begins with a smile. If you wake up with a smiling face in the morning, your day is surely bound to get better. But a groggy mood can lead to depressing, and everything gets worse.

Always look on the brighter side, no matter how many lemons life gives you. Because when you focus on the good, your life becomes enjoyable. We have all the reasons to curse the year 2020. But to be looking on the bright side, just think how all the members of your family are now living together.

Everyone is always working and busy in their lives. With life at a halt, surely the whole family is together again, isn’t it?

Make your day brighter and often smile, listening to these great tracks by Kishore Kumar to make your day merry and filled with sunshine.

Gana Na Aaya

Meri Lottery Lag Jaane Wali Hai

Guni Jano Bhakt Jano

Tauba Tabhi

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