Check out the Top SELFIE Moments Of Jungkook That You Can't-Miss

Top SELFIE Moments Of Jungkook That You Can’t-Miss

Jeon Jung-kook, commonly known by his stage name, Jungkook. He is a South Korean singer and songwriter. Jungkook is a member of and vocalist in the South Korean boy band BTS.

From selfie pouts to closeups, Jungkook has proved that his selfie game is on point. Here are some of his selfie moments-
1. Pout on point- every time Jungkook shares a pout selfie, the ARMY goes crazy.
2. Flaunting his long hair- Many people are really missing his long hair.
3. Can’t take our eyes off him- This selfie of Jungkook will not let your eyes leave it.
4. Handsome as hell- Jungkook is indeed handsome.
5. Finger heart- Jungkook making finger heart for ARMY is too cute for words.
6. If only looks could kill- This selfie will make ARMY go weak in their knees.
7. Angelic smile- This pic will make your day for sure.
8. Carfie- Jungkook shared this selfie on Reverse and took the internet by storm.
9. Sunglass look- Jungkook wearing glasses is a treat to the eyes.

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