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Best compositions of Arijit Singh for the year 2020 that was incredible

Top Trending Songs Of Arijit Singh In 2020

There was a time when Arijit Singh was a new face in the music industry, and not many were familiar with him. It was also when “popular voices” were in great demand, so only the ‘selling voices’ were prioritized. When Arijit Singh entered the music industry, he had to face a similar dilemma. But it was his unique voice when he sang Tum Hi Ho, which also bagged many awards.

Arijit Singh soon became a famous voice and a necessity for every film. Since then, he has sung a considerable number of songs, each embedded with more emotions and intensity than the other. This also explains why he instantly became a household name. Today he is not just called the king of heartbreak songs, but his love tracks are also filled with immense pleasure that draws people closer to him.

The year 2020 might not have been a graceful year for each one of us, but Arijit Singh’s voice was like a comforting shoulder we couldn’t let go of. Here are some of his best 2020 hit tracks.

Pia Bina


Ke Tui Bol

Khulke Jeene Ka

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