TWICE‘s Sana is naturally sweet and no one can resist her charms, not even Red Velvet‘s Wendy!

Recently, at he start of their “Talk That Talk” comeback promotions, Sana and Jihyo appeared as guests on Youngshreet Radio, hosted by Wendy.

On the show, besides playing TWICE’s songs and talking about their new album, the celebs also had small convos with each other in between segments. This time TWICE’s new song, ‘Talk That Talk,’ consists a message that says everything in your heart. Here, we will listen to the personal stories of our youth listeners.

Wendy said, “Please send your messages about everything in your heart starting now. Please freely send us your personal stories”.

While they waited for the listeners to message their stories, Wendy asked Sana and Jihyo to share some of their own answers to the question.

“While waiting for text messages, we’ll talk amongst ourselves. Is there, by chance, something the two of you want to say to each other?” said Wendy.

Also, they were invited to air a secret that they kept from the rest of the TWICE members or JYP Entertainment. Wendy asked “Maybe to another member or to the company? If you want to use this chance, is there something you want to say?”

Sana responding to this, mentioned that she did not have anything to share with her close friends, said “I have nothing to say to the others.” In contrast, there was something else that she wanted to say for a while now.

“Unnie, you’re so pretty” said Sara. The effect of the sentence immediate! Wendy was seen blushing and covering her face while laughter exploded around her.

This sentence was enough to win Wendy greatly. Wendy then said that it was not surprising the sweet comment came from Sana. As she often expresses her love for others freely.

“When Sana looks at me, the look in her eyes is one full of love” mentioned Wendy.

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