Here are a few signs that they are around.

Both members, along with member Mina, are a part of TWICE’s Japanese line. Since they first started learning a new language and culture together as trainees, they have forged a deep relationship.

Momo and Sana of TWICE shared a photo on Instagram to mark their special relationship. “You’ve worked hard these past ten years, my best friend,” Sana captioned the image. “Momo-rin, let’s keep having fun! Congratulations on the 10th anniversary!” Momo replied in the comments in a sweet way. “For the rest of our life, let’s have fun.”

These 5 sweet ways Sana and Momo from TWICE display their friendship are priceless!

They go on vacation together.

As you practice, work, and reside among other group members, you inevitably long for some time alone during breaks. Sana and Momo frequently opt for during scheduled breaks they spend time together! They demonstrated this on their Hawaii holiday vlog.

Onstage, they make fun of one another.

Fans saw Momo kicking Sana’s back knees while they were on their “III” tour. Sana’s humorous retaliation was captured on camera.

Late-night VLIVE dancing events are held.

Momo and Sana treated us to a 2-hour VLIVE with dance renditions of several K-Pop musicians on January 16, 2021. BTS, 2PM, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, and other artists had songs covered for the dances.

They make out they are twins.

People frequently inquired about Momo and Sana’s twin status when they initially arrived in Korea. They appear to be flexible at times!

They help one another out through difficult times.

Sana experienced an emotional breakdown prior to a Music Bank practice in 2019. Supporters believe the volume of journalists may have overwhelmed her, but fortunately, she had Momo and Nayeon at her side!

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These are only a few techniques used to record their bond. Perhaps we’ll have the rest of their life, like Momo suggested, to gather more adorable moments!