These great hits by Udit Narayan will touch your soul

Udit Narayan and His Top 5 Heartfelt Soulful Songs

Nostalgia is something that comes with anything and everything you could have never thought. It is a funny feeling, and sometimes one song is enough to break the wall and memories come flooding in. When we listen to the voice, we all grew up hearing to surely the same is connected to befall, and there is no refuting it. Udit Narayan is one of the many notable voices that not only entertained us but also shaped our budding days.

Udit Narayan has been the voice of every actor during the 90s. From Shah Rukh Khan to Aamir Khan, everyone has worked with Udit Narayan, with him being their playback singer for many of their hit films. His melodious voice breathes soul into the songs, and the words did not seem just mere words but turned into emotions.

If you have been attached to Udit Narayan’s tracks, you certainly did have a fabulous childhood. Listen to these soulful songs that will touch your heart.

Chal Musafir

Bin Tere Sanam

Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Dekho Dekho Jaanam

Ae Ajnabi Tu Bhi Kabhi

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