Udit Narayan's songs that will help cope with your depressive thoughts

Udit Narayan’s Songs To Tune In When You Are In Depression

Udit Narayan has been ruling the charts since the 90s. He is one of the most spectacular voices of the music industry. A voice to have sung numerous tracks that are not just romantic but gives us many life lessons.

Many of us, whenever we feel sad, we listen to some good music. For many, listening to sad songs makes them feel better and uplifting. We listen to the heavy tracks when feeling low because the lyrics are what touches our hearts and say so much in 3 minutes.

Nothing can help ease the pain other than listening to some upbeat vocals that will instantly give us the perfect companionship and the assurance we need. Whereas, many prefer some catchy, high pumping numbers that just as the song will instantly light up the mood.

Here are some of the best and highest vocals by Udit Narayan that would help you cope with your depressive thoughts and brighten up your day.

Bin Tere Sanam

Mar Gaye Mar Gaye

Subah Se Lekar

O Rabba

Raja Ko Rani Se

Suppose you are not feeling great and have depressive thoughts that affect your mind, then always try and seek help. There are countless online websites at your rescue, and the best option is talking to someone closest to you.

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