The rising star of the music industry, Darshan Raval has made an impeccable contribution

The Upcoming Music Sensation Of Bollywood – Darshan Raval

Singing is not something that could be learned. One must have a voice to suit the spectators and impress unless you are someone as good as Kishore Kumar. Darshan Raval is the one to be blessed with a tremendous vocal and god gifted talent. He is a composer as well as a lyricist who writes his songs.

No wonder people claim Darshan Raval to be the new rising sensation in the industry. The majority of his songs have millions of views and well received by the public as well as many have reached more than a hundred million views. Voice of Darshan Raval is not just an inspiration to many but has worked its charms by residing into the hearts of masses.

With his singing skills and fantastic fashion sense, Darshan Raval is the heartthrob of the nation as well as the singing star on YouTube. Here are some of his hits that would prove that Darshan Raval is the new sensation of the Bollywood music industry.

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