Romantic songs by Arijit Singh for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Go Explore The Romantic Songs By Arijit Singh

Valentine’s Day is coming up extremely soon and it is about time that you keep your romantic playlist ready for your date night with your bae. You can hit the songs up on your way to your date or even while you’re on your date.

Arijit Singh is an Indian singer whose vocals and lyrics make up a great combination of the kind of music that is best for any and every occasion. With valentine’s day coming up really soon, some of his songs that are romantic can help you make your special day even brighter.

Arijit Singh’s songs are very romantic and make you feel all loved up. It is as if you are enchanted by the words of the songs and his vocals just add up to make your day extra special.

Arijit Singh is well known for his romantic songs that make everyone feel extremely special. Having an Arijit Singh’s song on your playlist is a good idea for your Valentine’s Day.

Arijit Singh’s songs set up the tone for your date and make up for a very romantic and lovely atmosphere.

You can keep the songs playing in your background throughout the day so have a look at some of the songs. You will clearly want to listen to them over and over again.

Below is the Romantic Songs list:-

  1. Thodi Jagah
  2. Tujhe Kitna chane
  3. Khairiyat (Happy)
  4. Soch Na Sake
  5. Ve Maahi
  6. Ilahi
  7. Tum Hi Ho
  8. Sawan Aayi Hai
  9. Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui
  10. Hamari Adhuri Kahani
  11. Aaj Phir tum Pe Pyaar
  12. Laal Ishq