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One already a legend and another on the road of becoming one. Let’s see what’s so common between the two… Arijit Singh and Kishore Kumar

What’s common between Arijit Singh and Kishore Kumar?

Kishore Kumar was larger than life. He had his voice that ruled the whole of industry and the reign is not yet over. He is bound to run the industry with his voice even after decades of him not being present amongst us. And it is true there won’t be anyone as talented as him.

One the other side, we have Arijit Singh, the king of today’s music industry. His voice has become a necessity, be it a romantic song or a party anthem, there has to be Arijit Singh in every playlist. He is one of the best versatile singers of today’s era. He knows perfectly well how to have a balance of emotions in every song and his numbers are a major hit.

The thing that is common between the two, both Kishore Kumar and Arijit Singh, is that they have become a necessity in their respective times. They are well aware of being the monopolizers of the industry. Both have magical shade and power to their voice. Every time they have their recordings being played they have the masses mesmerized. A balance of every emotion and feeling, they can transfer the song in your hearts. Both coming from different eras and times, they are very different yet so similar.

Don’t you agree that Arijit Singh and Kishore Kumar have something in common? Tell us what your views are in the comment section below.

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