Buying Blunders of IPL teams

From Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals to Chennai Super Kings: Buying Blunders of IPL Teams

Indian Premier League (IPL) and success in the competitions is surely not a cakewalk!! We can very simply say that this game of cricket is played between 11 players from each team and one needs to give his best in the three areas of batting, bowling and fielding to create a success story on the given day. The team that excels as a combination in these fiery three facets will emerge as the winner in a match. However, we all are also aware of the fact that the game is played out of the field too, even before it starts. The tactical decisions taken by the team management starting from deciding the playing 11 to their gameplan against every member of the opponent, are very important in the success rate of a team!! In IPL, the game plan is etched when they start to build the team by buying out its players. So the auctions are the foundation base where the team’s tactics start to get written, in the case of IPL.

Considering that the mega auctions that happen before every season of IPL (whether on a small scale or a big one) are crucial, we today look at the major buying blunders that teams have made over the years in IPL auctions.

Trent Boult getting released by Delhi Capitals:

The year 2020 saw Trent Boult having to come into the main league of IPL through a big auction. Delhi Capitals owned Trent Boult and had got his services very well, with him being the team’s top bowler in the 2018 version of IPL. However, the team let go of the massive speedster who is even today doing so very well!! In the 2020 auction, Trent Boult was bought by Mumbai Indians, where the speedster got to spearhead the fiery pace attack.

Quinton De Kock’s shift from RCB to MI:

Quinton De Kock is a kind of a player who can be inspirational to any team that he is in!! The 2018 IPL season saw RCB buying De Kock. He went on to be lethal and a strong pillar in the team’s plan of things. However, RCB excluded him from their framework only to be bought by MI later.

Shikhar Dhawan excluded from SRH:

Shikhar Dhawan was one of the pillars of the SRH lineup under David Warner’s captaincy. He was one of the big players responsible for the team’s title win in the year 2016. However, the team compromised him with DC buying him.

RR Signing Chris Morris for huge money:

Big players are born to perform at the bigger levels!! Chris Morris was bought by Rajasthan Royals for a whopping INR 16.25 crore to give them his best, in all departments of the game with his all-around capabilities. Touted to be a big finisher with both bat and ball, Morris showed no signs of being a regular in the playing 11, leave alone winning big games for the team.

MI’s ‘money spend’ on unavailable Jofra Archer:

Jofra Archer who was with Rajasthan Royals was handpicked by Mumbai Indians in the 2022 mega auction of IPL. Even before the player could reach the bidding table, it looked as though MI was determined to buy him at any cost!! This decision they took, even after knowing that Archer will not be fit to play the 2022 IPL season. Wonder how they could invest such a big money in future seasons, without looking at what they have and do not have in the present!!

MI’s ‘big spend’ on Ishan Kishan:

MI is reeling in the last position in the IPL points table with no wins under their belt even after playing eight games. Well, they probably lost it at the mega auction that happened in February this year. In addition to buying Jofra Archer who was unavailable, they spent INR 15.25 Crore on Ishan Kishan in order to retain him. A lot of money lost for one player!! They feel the heat now!!

Chennai Super Kings not opting for young guns:

The IPL 2022 mega auction started off a new chapter in every franchise’s team-building tactics, where they looked at the future. While all teams were keen on bringing in the young guns, both Indian as well as overseas players, CSK looked mainly at buying back their old players. They emptied their purse big time by buying back veteran players like Dwayne Bravo, Robin Uthappa and Ambati Rayudu. No wonder they look jaded and out of touch as a team!!

Chennai Super Kings buying Deepak Chahar:

CSK’s mega auction 2022 was bitter as they not only targetted buying back their old players but also invested huge money on Deepak Chahar who was unfit at that point in time. Deepak Chahar was to return midway during the tournament and this was a tactical ploy taken by CSK to buy him for INR 14 Crore. Unfortunately, Deepak Chahar cannot play this season’s IPL. A crucial miss of talent!!

Truly, battles on the cricketing fields are usually won in the minds, is what big players say!! This auction battle seems to be crucial to every team’s success or failure!!

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