Check out the fun moments after the match wins!

Fun Moments Indian Team Post Winning Match

Indian Cricket team has always been together in their thick and thins. The members share a really strong bond when they are together. They are more like a family, than being a cricket team. They have each other’s back. They have got each other’s back. Indian Cricket team is one of the most powerful and strongest team.

There many fun moments of the Indian Team during the post winning match. From the celebration of birthday to victory parties and even press meets too. No one can forget when the Indian Team was welcomed to their dressing room by the supporters thereafter the India vs Australia match in the Test Series. They were welcomed with the song, Yeh Mera Dil, and claps. The team enjoyed a lot and danced along with it. The video of the moment got viral on the internet.

The team has cherished and enjoyed every moment together. They are one when together, doesn’t matter if they are on the field or off-field.
Tell us your favourite funny moments of the Indian team during the post winning match.
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