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Which is the best rivalry between India – Pakistan, and Australia – England? Check it ou!

India-Pakistan vs Australia-England: Which Is The Best Rivalry?

International cricket has witnessed some big rivalries since history. There are many strong and good teams in the world, who have given tough competitions to each other. Some rivalries have been continuing since its origin like Australia – Bangladesh, West Indies – England, India – Australia, and then there is India – Pakistan, and Australia – England, topping the list of rivalries in international cricket. The cricket teams of India, Pakistan, Australia, and England are the strongest teams. But which rivalry is the most thrilling and enthusiastic one? India-Pakistan or Australia-England?

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The rivalry between India and Pakistan is known to the whole world, ever since the two countries got partitioned. It has been the most exciting clashes between the two teams that the whole world, especially the Pakistani and the Indian cricket fans love watching. The two neighboring countries have been the rivalry of each other in every field, and it has been well portrayed in this sport too.

On the other hand, the Australia – England rivalry has been of another level. Their rivalry has a great history behind it which started in the 1800s. It was England who invented the sport, but it is Australia who grabbed the ICC World Cup’s trophy five times to date and leaving England with none. They have also got some off-field influence too, but they have competed with each other on the field well with their sportsman spirit.

Both the rivalries, India – Pakistan, and Australia – England have been the highlighted teams of every tournament, which have grabbed millions of viewers. It’s really difficult for us to decide which is the best rivalry.

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