The fans are all geared up and waiting for April 15 to arrive already

Indian Premiere League: The League We Miss Watching Throughout the Year

Every IPL season brings a lot of excitement for the fans of cricket. Cricket is treated as a religion in India and IPL brings the family together. The hyped up energy is all over the country already. BCCI declared that IPL would be postponed from March 29 to April 15 and this brought a lot of chaos in the country as fans wait for the tournament throughout the year.

The delay is a precautionary measure against the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). While the safety measure is needed, the fans took to social media to declare their disappointment. The fans look forward to IPL every year. The season brings together fans of cricket across the world in one tournament. The distress in delay has taken the form of memes going viral.

The team has been gearing up IPL and the 8 teams are ready to start the battle already. Everyone in the country has been hyped up and coming up with their guesses on who is to win this year. The memes on IPL have already begun and it is about to get crazier.

The fanbases of the teams are constantly active and the rivalry between the teams has begun. The corona virus has brought down a little spirit but the excitement is never ending. The teams are focusing on their health to get back to IPL stronger. IPL is more than just a tournament, it is a sentiment shared by fans who cheer for their favourites.

Fans are ready to wear on their favourite team merchandise and go to the stadiums and cheer. The excitement in the air is more hyped than the Corona dimming it down. The IPL hype is constant throughout the year. Everyone has already started guessing who would win. Are you ready to place your bets?

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