Check out the two big reasons behind Kings XI Punjab's defeat!

IPL 2020: 2 Big Reasons Behind Kings XI Punjab’s Defeat

Even though Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) has not won a single champions trophy, they are one of the most powerful teams in the IPL (Indian Premier League). The team has been doing wonders since its inaugural season. The team is captained by the Indian fantastic wicket-keeping batsman, KL Rahul who has led the squad with his brilliant leadership skills. But apart from him, there are other great players in the squad as well. The Kings XI Punjab has got some amazing set of players from both overseas and India. The team’s plus point has always been its batsmen. But, on the other hand, they have never compromised with their bowling and fielding as well.

But this year in IPL 2020, KXIP has not played up to the mark and has left everyone disappointed. IPL 2020 has been something worth witnessing. KXIP has always come back stronger and has received support from its fans on both their win and loss. But this year KXIP has won 6 matches out of a total of 14 matches. The team ended up in the sixth position on the points table. But what were the two big reasons behind KXIP’s defeat?

1: Glenn Maxwell’s average batting was highly pointed out by both fans and critics. Even the former England captain, Kevin Pietersen pointed it out.

2: Frequent change in the positions and orders in the team. They started with Karun Nair at 3rd position in their first match of IPL 2020 but was later replaced by Mandeep Singh.

There are many on the list but these two are the big ones. You can comment on your opinion below!