We tell you what has kept Mahendra Singh Dhoni busy during this lockdown.

What Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni Doing These Days?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who was to get back to competitive cricket with this year’s IPL was given a forced extension to his cricketing comeback by the COVID-19 pandemic break.

Well, Dhoni has been utilizing this time to chill out with his family in Ranchi. Along with his wife, Sakshi and daughter Ziva, he has been enjoying his days during the lockdown in his farmhouse.

Dhoni has not been socially active during this lockdown.

It was Ziva who shook the social media by storm by capturing Dhoni’s exercise during sunset and putting it out. The new unrecognizable look of Dhoni in the salt and pepper look was amazing and this came as a huge shock to his fans.

The popular cricketer looked a bit out of shape, too bulky to what we have known him, and his salt and pepper look really showed up his age.

But his fans went berserk on seeing a glimpse of him!!

Overall, Dhoni has kept himself away from media glare and social media during this lockdown, but has spent the most satisfying time with his family!!

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