Checkout PV Sindhu follows these personal hygiene routines and takes inspiration.

PV Sindhu Follows These Personal Hygiene Routines To Be Fit And Healthy

After virally posting “I Retire” (from poor hygiene standards) on social media a few weeks ago, renowned badminton player PV Sindhu gives tips for being safe and clean while continuing to engage in physical activity.

Everyone has had a difficult year, including those with an interest in sports. We have been limited to indoor exercise, unable to play street cricket with friends or even go to our favorite yoga session. PV Sindhu, a world champion in badminton and an ambassador for Hindustan Unilever’s Nature Protect, offers five tips for staying safe both on and off the court.

The worry and anxiety we have all experienced in relation to 2020 have tested us in a variety of ways. Keeping a positive outlook is crucial as we attempt to adapt to the new normal. “I have made the decision to approach my days and week positively and with a sense of resolve rather than allowing fear or anxiety to take over. I am accustomed to a rather structured schedule as an athlete. We strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves every single day, whether it is through my food, exercise, or water intake,” says Sindhu.

Sanitizers, sprays, and disinfectants are now commonplace, but PV Sindhu believes that nature provides a better way to meet our personal hygiene needs. “I’ve always had faith in nature. I’m in awe of how it produces and extinguishes life. I have faith in nature to lead us in the right direction, just like the freshwater springs from the mountains or the numerous healing plants that have been helpful. The benefits of adding natural ingredients to our products, in my opinion, provide the most effective, long-lasting hygiene solution,” continues Sindhu.

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