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Check out the reasons why women cricket is underrated internationally!

Reasons Why Women Cricket Is Underrated Internationally?

Men cricket has always been popular ever since its origin. They have been watched by a huge mass of people all around the world. But on the other hand, women cricket has not got much views and attention as compared to men’s cricket. If we start comparing, women cricket has always got less response as compared to men cricket. In India, the situation is pretty much similar. The Indian men’s cricketing squad has done wonders on the international field, and so did women’s cricket team but didn’t get much audience. In fact, there is not much exposer that is given to them, as compared to men.

Women cricket has equally been important in our society, as compared to men. But why it is underrated? Know the reasons why actually women’s cricket Is underrated.

1: Less exposure

The women cricket has not got much exposure to international cricket. The players have also not much much opportunities as compared to men.

2: Not much importance

Women cricket never did grab much attention from the views as the men cricket does. It has never got much attention or importance.

3: Newer concept

The concept of women cricket came after men cricket was invented. Half of the population are even not aware of women’s cricket. It is newer when compared to men cricket.

Women cricket needs more attention, importance and development at the global level.

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