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Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar revealed Azharuddin’s connection with a bookie…

When Sunil Gavaskar revealed Azharuddin’s relation with a bookie

Cricket is known as gentleman’s game. However, this game has been under controversy for a few years for match-fixing and unfair play. Names of some well known and talented cricketers involved with this illegal act come up several times. Former Indian cricketer Azharuddin had been named in the past of having involved in the match-fixing and almost every cricket lover is aware of it. Well, Sunil Gavaskar in an interview in the past had made some revelations about Azharuddin’s relation with a bookie named Sanjiv Chawla.

Sunil Gavaskar said that while they were on a tour to Zimbabwe or England, Azhar bought an expensive watch worth $10,000 but didn’t have money to pay for it and so Sanjiv Chawla transferred money to him. This made Gavaskar suspect Azhar having relation with a bookie. However, he didn’t mention that Azharuddin was involved in any kind of fixing and made it clear that he wasn’t aware which cricketer was involved in the scandal.  He also stated that whenever a match-fixing allegation comes up, only the cricketer is held accountable, a cricketer who is representing the country is called out easily but a bookie who is equally responsible, their names are kept in wraps. He went on saying that although the authorities know the bookie’s names they are not called out for their illegal acts.

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