Check out the top funny moments during the post-match interviews with different sports like cricket, football, and basketball!

Top Funny Post-Match Interviews

There are millions and millions of sports lovers all around the world. We all love watching sports and the matches. Be it cricket, football, basketball, or any other sport. No matter what, we have always cheered our favorite teams up during the matches. Many of us have even witnessed some nail-biting situation and many saw some hilarious moments on the field. Sports have always been about entertainment. Hilarious moments during the matches have always been remembered, but what about post-match? Well, post-match interviews have been funny too.

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Be it cricket, football, basketball, or any other sport, the athletes have rocked the interviews every time. But there have been some top funny moments. Thus, we have got some really funny moments from every sport during the post-match interviews.


Cricket is the most celebrated sport in the world. All over the world, several international tournaments are being held in different formats. Layers from various nations, all over the world gather to encounter each other on the pitches. The matches have always been great, but one thing that everyone misses is the post-match interviews. The Pakistani players are although targeted to have such funny moments, players from other teams have faced such a situation too.


After cricket, if any other sport that is played mostly in the world is definitely football. The sport has got a lot of fans and dedicated footballers. Football matches can never be predicted. Anytime, the match can take an entire change. Just like the matches, the post-match interviews have been crucial too. But, most of the time, there were many hilarious moments that could make you go ROFL.


Basketball is one of the most-watched sports, especially in North America. National Basketball Association (NBA) held many tournaments and provides opportunities to the basketball players. Many Hollywood celebrities have been seen interviewing the players during post-match. There have been really funny moments when the players have been seen doing pranks on each other and giving some funny comments during the interviews.

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