Adam Mosseri claims that Instagram will soon test extremely tall 9:16 images.

According to Adam Mosseri, Instagram will soon test super tall 9:16 photographs

According to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, at the weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Instagram is prepared to test extremely tall 9:16 ratio photographs. “On Instagram, tall images are not allowed, but tall videos are permitted. Therefore, we reasoned that perhaps we ought to ensure that we treat both equally,” he stated.

The Verge claims that when viewing vertical photos, Instagram displays 4:5. As you scroll through the app’s feed, though, adding support for taller 9:16 photos will help fill the entire screen.

He also emphasized that Instagram, in addition to videos, will be adding a lot of updates to the app, including a new full-screen feed. The thought is that viewing content in full-screen mode might be more enjoyable and interesting for both photographs and movies. He acknowledges that the feature “is not yet good,” though.

In a short video, Mosseri declared that the platform would increase its emphasis on video. He observes that this transformation is unavoidable. If you look at what people share on Instagram, which is trending more and more toward videos over time, you can see this even if you do nothing except look at the chronological feed.

After posting a copy of another user’s post on her Instagram Stories, Kylie Jenner said that she missed Instagram back when it was just a photo-sharing platform. “I just want to see adorable pictures of my buddies, so stop trying to be TikTok. Thank you all very much,” Jenner said.

It should be highlighted that Reels has contributed to Instagram’s recent quick transformation. Nearly all videos now point you onto Reels, and the main feed is now loaded with algorithmic recommendations that blend in with your friends’ posts.