Instagram is very popular and known to almost everyone in the world. The photo sharing and messaging App allows you to share things such as sharing your photos, videos, and large video content; it also allows you to connect with your loved ones living far away; you can also create a group of multiple people and chat with them. While the App in the year 2021 introduced its new feature called reels, which are similar to Tiktok. Users can record things, edit them and share them on their feeds. So let’s take a look at how to record a reel on Instagram.

Easy steps to record a reel on Instagram:

Firstly tap on the Plus sign at the top or swipe the right side of your feed.

The second step is to scroll to the reels at the bottom.

In the third step, hold to record or tap on it to start recording and end the reel. Finally, you can tap on the Camera roll towards the left to add an already recorded video.

In the fourth step, Instagram will show a preview.

In the fifth step, edit, trim, and alter it as you want.

In the sixth step, at the top, you will find several options to add stickers, draw something, text, or save the recorded video on your device. Finally, use the slider and the bottom of the screen to edit the current clip and click on the next.

In the seventh step, tap to edit the cover page and continue.

Lastly, share the video as reels.

Follow these easy steps to create a reel on your Instagram and share it with your friends, family, and audiences on Instagram. You can also explore your creativity through this.

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