Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook account can come with a lot of extra benefits. The prime one among them is, sharing pictures simultaneously between two apps. It makes the process easier and saves a lot of time.

One can also share ads on either of your accounts and can even keep a track of your text messages and comments on the Inbox of your Facebook page.

But how do we go about with this feature and how do we actually connect our accounts? Once done, what do we do if we want to discontinue it further? If these are the questions that pop into your head then you might want to continue reading further to find all your queries answered.

Before you even start with the process, make sure that the Instagram account that you wish to link to your Facebook account is a Professional Account. If you do not have a Professional or a Business Account, Facebook will prompt you further in the process to convert it to one, so it is advisable you complete that step well in advance. To convert the Instagram account from a personal account to a business account open the app, go to the settings menu, and follow the necessary steps.

To add or remove your account from a Facebook page:

Open your Facebook page that you wish to link and select on the ‘Setting’ menu from the left side. Next select the ‘Instagram’ option and further on the ‘Connect account’ menu. After that, make sure that the, “Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox” is on and click on ‘Continue’. Once there simply add your insta username and password and you are good to go.

To remove your account, select the ‘Disconnect’ option and confirm that you further wish to continue.