Before downloading an app on any Apple platform, customers may now better grasp an app’s privacy policies thanks to the App Store. Users can read about some of the data categories that each app may gather on its product page, as well as whether or not that data is used to identify them or track them. In-App Store Connect, you must disclose details about the privacy policies of your app, as well as the policies of any partners whose code you incorporate. To submit new apps and app updates to the App Store, this information is necessary.

As you prepare to choose your responses from those offered by App Store Connect, bear the following in mind:

Unless the data satisfies all of the requirements for voluntary disclosure specified below, you must identify all of the data you or your third-party partners acquire.
Your app’s privacy policies should abide by all relevant legal requirements as well as the App Store Review Guidelines.
Your responses must be accurate and current at all times. Update your App Store Connect answers if your procedures change. You don’t have to submit an app update to amend your answers; you may edit them whenever you like.

You must determine whether you and/or your third-party partners have connected each data type to the user’s identity (through their account, device, or other details). Unless certain privacy safeguards are put in place before collection to de-identify or anonymize the data, an app’s data collection is frequently linked to the identity of the user, for example:

Removing any direct identifiers from data before collection, such as user ID or name.
Manipulating data to remove the connection and avoid it being made again with real-world identities.

You must be aware of whether you and/or your third-party partners use user tracking data from your app, and if so, which data is used.

For the purposes of targeted advertising or ad measurement, “tracking” is the connecting of data gathered from your app about a specific end-user or device, such as a user ID, device ID, or profile, with Third-Party Data, as well as the sharing of data gathered from your app with a data broker.