Microsoft announced Windows 10 as the last edition of its operating system about a decade ago. Microsoft has now declared that Windows 10 will be retired. Windows 11 will shortly succeed it, bringing big changes, new features, a cleaner desktop, and a slew of annoyances that may leave you nostalgic for the glory days of Windows 98 SE.

So, let’s speak about the primary advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft’s future operating system.

The Pros of Windows 11

Windows 11 isn’t just a fresh set of wallpapers for Windows 10. Many more modifications and enhancements, thankfully, make upgrading to the new OS appealing. That said, the backgrounds on the new OS are stunning!

1. Beautiful Glass

The new desktop aesthetics in Windows 11 attempt to imitate the appearance of glass. As a result, multiple desktop objects, such as windows and menus, have a lot of clearness.

2. Bar to Dock

Windows 11’s taskbar may be docked, just like Mac OS and several Linux Desktop Environments. It allows you to center the icons, which is useful while using Windows 11 on a touch-enabled device.

3. Return of the Widgets

In Windows 11, the new widgets are displayed in a separate pane that slides in from the left side of the screen. They also seem to be more focused on providing information than serving as mini-apps.

The Cons of Windows 11

With Microsoft’s future version of Windows, not everything is as it seems. Many of the modifications and adjustments may be dubious, giving you cause to continue with Windows 10.

1. Accelerated Desktop

Finding a new GPU at a fair price is nearly impossible due to current hardware shortages. As a result, numerous people have put off upgrading their GPU till later.

2. Where Is Skype?

Skype was the first program to make peer-to-peer video calling widespread. Today, Skype appears to be drowning in a sea of identical (and often superior) video calling options.

That’s presumably why, in its Windows 11 presentation, Microsoft almost completely replaced it with Teams.

3. Less Taskbar

Based on what we know so far, Windows 11’s taskbar may seem wonderful, but it’s actually a step back in terms of usefulness.