Instagram is one of the most popular social media messaging and photo-sharing apps. People on a large scale use it. Not just photo sharing or messaging, but it is also a news and business hub. The app has provided many benefits to the audience. Influencers, celebrities, and businesspeople have great benefits from Instagram. It is also one platform where you can build your audience. In comparison, the majority of the users use it for their social engagement in society. They make their account with their respective names or whatever names they like. And share their daily updates or real-life personalities etc.

Check out how to share a post on your Instagram account.

Firstly open Instagram on your Android phone. Now tap on the Plus sign on the Instagram page and scroll down to the post at the bottom.

Now choose and select the picture you want to share on your Instagram from your photo library.

Or, to share your new photo, tap above the Camera. Also, you can tap to switch between front and rear-facing cameras and then adjust the flash for a better pic.

Now mention your location or place you are at.

Once you are done with this. You can now add different effects or filters and share them with a suitable caption before sharing the post publicly.

Once you share the picture, people who follow you can like and comment. At the same time, you can thank them in the comments section only.

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