WhatsApp is the most used messaging app for users. And now you can secure your Privacy and keep a check on it through these new features; check it out.

Learn How To Check Privacy On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging, photo, data, and money-sharing app. It has eased the life of people with its amazing features. Owned by Meta, WhatsApp keeps on updating its features so that it can improve the users’ experience. At the same time, the most important thing is Privacy. Many times, apps have been alleged to invade Privacy. And so, Meta has come up with a solution through the new Privacy check feature.

With the new Privacy check, you can customize privacy settings for better security and safety. Here are the steps you can take to check Privacy in your WhatsApp.

1) Firstly, tap on the Settings menu.

2) Then click on Privacy.

3) There, you will find Privacy Checkup.

4) Now, in Privacy Checkup, select Choose who can contact you.

5) Manage all the settings as per your comfort.

This new update will prevent calls from weird or unknown numbers, Hide online status from people and choose who can see you are active. And create a safe space for you. WhatsApp has always tried to give better service and improve the quality of the app for users. And this new feature is for users to feel safe.

So did you try the new Privacy Check in the app? If yes, how was your experience? If no, hurry up and get more secure. Follow IWMBuzz.com.